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What you'll learn

The biomedical engineer will learn the skills required in the private and government sector and how to prepare himself to enter the market and compete strongly
And he will get acquainted with the most important laboratory equipment, which he will be fully responsible for when working .


  • A4 paper to answer the questions that will be asked
  • A CV for each engineer who joins the workshop


The basics of developing the skills required in the medical device market in the public and private sectors, and identifying the most important laboratory devices.


ali saad / Medical device trainer / tatweer academy

Medical device engineering

Medical devices engineer, I worked in many local medical device companies and also worked with international company as a consulting engineer. Today, I am the director of the tatweer medical academy and the trainer of laboratory equipment in it.

Intellectual development course / first stage

University of Technology
Innovative Student Club

Start on 2022-11-06

The duration of the course is 2 day
Total Hours : 2 hours per day
This course includes a certificate from the University of Technology