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What you'll learn

He will learn how digital images are formed and how to manipulate them and create special and unique filters.


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This course is intended for all groups, especially medical groups, such as the Department of Life Medicine, where information of great benefit from an academic and practical point of view will be explained and given, God willing.


hassan tahseen abd-alretha / Medical devices

BIomedical engineering

Full-stack web developer having great knowledge of PEVN stack (Postgresql, Express.js, Vue.js, Node.js). I also have acceptable knowledge of Next.js, React.js, and Nuxt.js.and great experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript. Right now I am interesting in neural network and image processing.

Behind the scenes of digital images and how to play with them

University of Technology
Innovative Student Club

Start on 2022-11-14

The duration of the course is 1
Total Hours : 2
This course includes a certificate from the University of Technology