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What you'll learn

1. Designing basics of modern hospitals.
2. How to design special rooms such as special care rooms, radiation rooms, operating rooms, etc.
3. How to design and equip hospital departments with medical gases.
4. Learn about some techniques that facilitate the performance of the medical staff


  • Arrive on time for the training.


The first course of its kind is intended for medical engineering students. It aims to introduce the trainee to a field that is not covered by the field of training in Iraq, which is "the design of hospitals", which is one of the priorities of the medical engineer.


Vision / For medical and medical engineering field.

Medical engineering

Ali Adnan Lafta Medical devices engineer and certified trainer by the Iraqi Trainers Syndicate and certified trainer by the Arab Trainers Syndicate, I have two years of experience in training in many Iraqi universities and some private companies.


Hospital design from the medical engineer's perspectiveز

University of Technology
Innovative Student Club

Start on 2022-10-04

The duration of the course is 2 days
Total Hours : 6 hours
This course includes a certificate from the University of Technology