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Building and programming websites using HTML CSS JS in an excellent and integrated manner


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The student will learn the basics of building websites and how to program them, as well as how to think like a programmer, write clean, integrated code, and how to deal with problems


Hassan Tahseen / Website programmer

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Since my childhood I have had a great love for knowing and learning things and I have always been I'm stubborn to do everything on my own without help (I don't recommend it) but with time it turns out To me, development depends on sharing, as more sharing of what you know with others will open Field and other horizons in how to deal with this information and ideas that can be done It is also said that the best way to understand information is to share it with others. so and As our Noble Prophet (may God bless him and his family and grant them peace) said: “God and His angels and the dwellers of the heavens and The earth, even the ant in its hole, and even the whale, to pray for those who teach people good.” And I wanted Teaching you what God has given me of His knowledge, and I will endeavor to deliver the information to every person with help Allah. I ask God to grant us success in our journey

Web Programming Course

University of Technology
Innovative Student Club

Start on 2022-07-19

The duration of the course is 42 days
Total Hours : 126 Hours
This course includes a certificate from the University of Technology